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[BKK] Demi Concept: Food Truck Ice Cream outside Platinum Mall

TL;DR Fairly average ice cream, nothing amazing. But good for when you just happen to be craving for ice cream, which happens pretty often in Bangkok's heat. 

If you find yourself shopping at Platinum Mall on your Bangkok vacation, and you will most likely do so if you are an Asian tourist, then you cannot miss the row of food stalls in front of the mall. At one end of these food stalls is a food truck that sells ice cream.

Bangkok's heat calls for ice cream. 24/7.

Demi Concept, as this food truck is called, sells two flavours of ice cream only: Charcoal and Matcha. You can have it as a single flavour or as a twist.

Usually you get them with two pocky biscuit sticks stuck in the ice cream, an oreo cokie wedged on the other side, and a chocolate cookie too just because an oreo is not enough. (But since we bought the ice cream when they were having a 1-for-1 offer, these aesthetic frills were not included.)

Something about having spent hours trekking through platinum mall made us need to buy ice cream the moment we saw it.

How was the ice cream? 

The ice cream was unimpressive. It's good, because it's ice cream. Ice cream is always good. But there's not much character in the ice cream.

The charcoal ice cream tastes like vanilla ice cream. Charcoal [insert object] usually doesn't taste like much, so perhaps this was not unexpected. It is supposedly very instagrammable, though I would think that black ice cream has been so normalised now that nobody cares.

The matcha ice cream also doesn't have the strong bitter matcha taste that matcha lovers would expect. It has a typical sweet, green-tea-but-not-matcha flavour that you would find in wannabe matcha ice cream.

A nice surprise though are the cornflakes at the bottom of the cone. The crunch mixed with the melting ice cream made for a very pleasant way to finish the cone.

On the whole, fairly average ice cream. It's about the same status to me as the mama shop cornetto cones from my childhood: cheap, cold, sweet, its purchase only necessary because of a craving for ice cream and not because of the ice cream itself.

Was it worth it? 

This was 95 baht (~S$4) for two thanks to a 1-for-1 offer. (The sign said 100 baht, but we paid 95 baht.) You really can't complain much with this price tag. I believe the 1-for-1 offer starts around late afternoon/evening.

The regular price is 95 baht for one cone. Without the 1-for-1 offer, you get some pocky sticks and oreo sticks in your cone too.

But to be honest, it's not something I would specially hunt down just to buy. Perhaps if I just happened to be there instead, and craving ice cream, I'll mindlessly hand over 95 baht for some cooling ice cream in the sweltering Bangkok heat.

Where to find it? 

There is a row of food trucks and "street food" stalls outside of platinum mall, right beside Phetchaburi road. Demi Concept is one of them, near to building 3 (of Platinum Mall).

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